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Acaymo S. Cuesta  
Acaymo S. Cuesta (Gran Canaria - Islas Canarias, 1983) 

We are conditioned by our environment, either at the family and social level, and especially at the political level.  History and experiences form/constitute a very important active part in the construction of the individual, since everything that surrounds us lends itself to become impulses that build or destroy it.

In this sense, I understand the configuration of the subject and the history as a container of irrational impulses provoked by external agents. I am inte-rested in the use of the word as a shaper of the individual, and how it can be used as a tool to control, indoctrinate, tame or distract him.

Under these premises, my work deals with the tensions between the in-dividual, society and the word; materialised through the development of pieces that combine multidisciplinary techniques and that ultimately seek to awaken a critical or reflective attitude in the spectator.

Estante y Book Folding de la palabra RACISMO realizada con la Enciclopedia Las Razas Humanas del Instituto Gallach
Shelf and book folding of the word RACISM made with the Encyclopedia human races of the Gallach Institute.
35 x 110 x 26 cm

What political uses are given to the social construct of race?
And what social and power relations can justify them?

In full development of the industrial era, imperialism ended in colonization, so to justify the political uses that the concept of race has had in relations of domination and inequality, policies of eugenics, racial segregation, migratory restrictions and policies were created. even genocide. It was a naturopathic cataloging of the human species that was used as carte blanche based on a “supposed” biological superiority for which the European colonist was considered authorized to use violence against another human group, and that allowed people to be treated and commodified as objects.

In modern anthropology there is a broad scientific consensus that, supported by geneticists, affirms that there are no human races in a biological sense, since we all belong to the same species, the human.

However, the fact that the history of Eurocentric anthropology has made possible an endless number of catalogs and categories is unavoidable, so that despite the advances against racial discrimination and other forms of intolerance, there is still a long way to go.

HATE esta compuesta por canutillos de papel en cuyo interior encontramos tweets relacionados con discursos de odio, tweets racistas y algunos relacionados con la aporofobia.

En su cuerpo de trabajo Acaymo Cuesta utiliza la palabra como herramienta de control, en este caso partiendo de la redes sociales o plataformas online como el lugar perfecto para quitarse la máscara y mostrar el auténtico yo.

“Permitiendo sacar a la luz pensamientos que en un contexto donde opera lo ‘políticamente correcto’ no se pueden mostrar de forma tan clara, es por ello que entiendo que todo lo que sucede en estas plataformas es un retrato fiel de la identidad de parte de nuestra sociedad:” Acaymo Cuesta

Contrachapado, fórmica y canutillos de papel en cuyo interior encontraremos tweets relacionados con discursos de odio, tweets racistas y relacionados con la aporofobia./ Black Formica, phenolic plywood and paper
24 X 108 cm 

HATE is made up of paper canutillos inside which we find tweets related to hate speech, racist tweets and some related to aporophobia.

In his body of work, Acaymo Cuesta uses the word as a control tool, in this case starting from social networks or online platforms as the perfect place to remove the mask and show the authentic self.

“Allowing to bring to light thoughts that in a context where 'politically correct' operates cannot be shown so clearly, that is why I understand that everything that happens on these platforms is a faithful portrait of our identity. society.

A laser-cut word configured by means of paper balls with tweets (transphobic, homophobic, racist and sexist) that incite hate”

The human race, 2021

Marco de madera negra a modo de vitrina con letras hechas en origami en cuyo papel hay impreso textos refutados y definiciones del campo de la Antropología, Craneologia, Darwinismo social, sociocentrismo, eugenecia, racismo cientifico, genocidio, exotismo, racismo, eurocentrismo, poligenis-mo, segregación, etc.

25.98 x 35.82 x 1.96 inch.
Serie 1/3 + PA
Copyright 2021  Art Focus Latin America