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Perla Krauze was born in Mexico City, 1953

Studied Graphic Design at the ENAP (UNAM), where she attended the engraving, screen printing and drawing workshops given by the teacher Gilberto Aceves Navarro. In 1977 he moved to London to obtain a diploma in textiles from Goldsmith's College; by 1992 he returned to that city to do postgraduate studies in the Master of Fine Arts at the Chelsea College of Art.
Throughout his career, her work has been exhibited both in his country of origin and abroad. His individual exhibitions include: Small landscapes from near and far (The Chimney Gallery, NY, 2019);Materia lítica: Memoria / Proceso / Acumulaciones (Amparo Museum, Puebla, 2017); Discordancias (Museum of the Chancellery, 2016); Dualidades (Instituto Sinaloense de Cultura, 2014); Pino Suarez 3, Memory and Tours (Museum of the Mexico City, 2012); Huellas y trayectos (Retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, 2010)
and José Alvarado 24 A / Guerrero 27 Nte (Museum of the City of Querétaro (2010).

She obtained support and scholarships from UNAM, the British Council and FONCA, in which she has formed part of the National System of Art Creators. She has done several residencies for artists, including: Radegate Gallery, Beijing; Banff, Canada; Djerassi, California; Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico and Macdowell Colony, New Hampshire. During her stays, she has explored various themes related to the memory of the site.
Her work is part of some of the most important collections nationwide: Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Museo de la SHCP and the Scottsdale's Museum of Modern Art (Arizona, USA).
Perla Krauze's work is multidisciplinary. It is an exploration between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. It goes from drawing and painting to sculpture or installation; use photo, video and interventions, taking into account a dialogue with the specific site and space. The common thread of her work is nature, time and memory. With her work she investigates various materials, the dualities between the ephemeral and permanent, the natural and the artificial, the geometric and theorganic.

She elaborates tours or maps collecting images, materials and objects that are incorporated to the pieces. She makes imprints or traces of time and memory, always speaking of a specific site. She has made subtle interventions showing the cracks of the urban and natural landscape, making an archaeological documentation of the place. She is also interested in creating livable spaces and how each site is traversed.

Natura Pedregal 2020
Tepozan Branch Resin
Metallic structure
200 x 60 x 60 cm

Natura Pedregal # 1, 2 y 3, 2020
Cyanotypes on original paper
Various sizes

Rocas Pedregal # 1, 2 y 3, 2020
Metallic structures various sizes
with rocks from Del pedregal

Flora Pedregal y CDMX # 1,2,3,4,5, 2015-2020
Vegetation cast in original aluminum without copies
Various sizes

Nonsite - Pedregal revisited

Perla Krauze lived in "El Pedregal" neighbourhood, Mexico City for several years during her childhood. At that time it was a very rough place located on the edge of the city, with close to no urbanization to be found. This early experiences inspired her artistic work, although, for many years, Krauze was not so aware of the importance of this place in the origin of her work. It is time to return with full consciousness to this source, where much of what she has done throughout her career emerged.

The nonsite consists of displacing and rearranging material from a specific geological zone inside the exhibition space. The intention of the exhibition is to create an installation evoking various environments, taking as a references the three areas of "Pedregal de San Angel" juxtaposed today: the native ecosystem managed by the "Pedregal de San Angel's Ecological Reserve" (REPSA), the landscaped green areas and the sealed area with infrastructure.

The relevance of the area, as one of the few natural spaces in Mexico City, seeks to return attention to the relevance of the ecosystem, its flora and its characteristic topography that protects an important amount of endemic species. The objective is to propose to the viewer an entropic and contemplative landscape where one can discover spaces and moments of a varied nature.

Nonsite - Pedregal revisitado

Perla Krauze vivió en el Pedregal por varios años durante su niñez. En esa época era un sitio muy agreste ubicado a la orilla de la ciudad. Su urbanización casi no existía. Esta experiencia primigenia inspiró su trabajo artístico, aunque durante muchos años Krauze no fue tan consciente de la importancia de este lugar en el origen de su trabajo.  Es momento de regresar con plena consciencia a esta fuente, donde surgió mucho de lo que ha realizado a lo largo de su carrera.

El nonsite consiste en desplazar y reacomodar material de una zona geológica específica al interior del espacio de exposición. La intención de la muestra es crear una instalación evocando varios entornos ambientales y tomando como referencias las tres zonas del Pedregal de San Ángel yuxtapuestas hoy en día: ecosistema nativo gestionado por la Reserva Ecológica del Pedregal de San Ángel (REPSA), áreas verdes ajardinadas y zona sellada con infraestructura.

La relevancia de la zona, como uno de los pocos espacios naturales de la Ciudad de México, busca regresar la atención hacia la relevancia del ecosistema, su flora y su característica topografía que resguarda a una valiosa cantidad de especies endémicas. El objetivo es proponer al espectador un paisaje entrópico y contemplativo donde se pueda descubrir espacios y momentos de índole variados.
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