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Romy Pocztaruk’s (Brazil, 1983)

Making use of different media and materials, Romy Pocztaruk’s (Brazil, 1983), poetic propositions deal with the encounter between different fields and disciplines as science and history with the visual arts. In her research, she addresses the importance of the artist as someone who can engage and put in evidence political and historical issues of our world, be that in the past, present or future.

Pra Frente Brasil, 2013
Technique: Digital Video, 5min 30 seg.
Variable measures

At the peak of Brazil's military dictatorship, the Brazilian national soccer team won the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, becoming the first three-time world champion. It was the first time that a match was broadcasted through television to the Brazilian people. While the people raved over the best national team ever and the economy reached the peak of the so-called "Economic Miracle", political prisoners were being tortured and killed in penitentiary cells and army headquarters and the censorship against any manifestation opposed to the government grew exponentially.
“Pra frente Brasil” ironically recall this event. The work was originally a commissioned for the project "Encounters on the Island" within the 9th Mercosul Biennial, which brought together a group of artists and intellectuals in order to generate works and reflections on the Gunpowder or Penitenciary Island, in Porto Alegre, Brazil

LINK VIDEO Pra Frente Brasil

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